My go to resources for my art practice and business.

Book, Website, Podcast Galore!

The Studio Source

An outstanding artist community created by artists Allie Dattilio and Lindsay Emery, The Studio Source offers online courses as well as a free online Facebook group for discussion and advice.

Artist Swap + Gather

Started by artist Bethany Hartwick, Artist Swap + Gather is a bi-monthly art swap for artists. It is such a fun way to share art and build a small collection.

Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic was a game changer for my creative mind. It not only offers incredible advice for those seeking creativity, but it essentially gave me permission to make art however I deemed fit.

How I Built This

How I Built This podcast with Guy Raz is my absolute favorite. While not technically art related, it is a go to for a good kick in the butt. Guy tells the stories of companies like Instagram, Air BnB, Southwest, and many more.