Thoughts on the Drift Collection


On the word drift…

The Drift Collection comes from the concept of my personal movement through this painting process. Every painting was a new journey that I had to embrace with open arms. It was filled with excitement, let downs, failures, and successes. I know that if I hadn’t approached each challenge as a learning opportunity I would have lost my mind. This also led me to understand part of the reason I love to paint is that challenge combined with the often endless change in direction, like drifting at sea. The process may seem aimless, daunting, and at times disorienting, but there is faith in knowing that you are moving somewhere. Letting go of that control is where the work begins.

Drifting is ambiguous and is aimless and is at times how I felt during this process. However, instead of fighting that aimlessness, I embraced it, leading me to new ideas, new techniques, and new interests. Interestingly enough, the word “drift” appeared in a completely different context during a podcast I was listening to recently. In it, the word drift was used to describe certain distractions we use that lead to disillusionment. What a concept right? Drifting was used to describe moving away from something, focusing too often on insignificant parts of our life. Yet there is a long standing opinion that this drifting (i.e. boredom) is the root of hundreds of beautiful and ingenious ideas. I think the magic probably happens somewhere in between. You need the drifting to lead you to places you never thought you would or could be. And let me tell you I never thought I’d be where I am today a year ago.

Lacy Ezell