Fall 2018 Updates

What I have been up to lately…

A lot has happened since we last talked! I have not only been busy painting and raising my now FIVE MONTH OLD (how did that happen?!), I have also been making my way around town (and country) with my artwork. Back in August, I made a game-time decision to leave work and stay home full time. Little did I know this also meant beginning of my career as an artist. Around that same time I submitted my Inlet painting into a competition on a whim. I remember saying to a friend that I didn’t even expect to get in, but it was worth a shot… Why not? Luckily I took that leap of faith because I was not only accepted into the show, but sold the painting to an ideal collector.

Shortly after the show, I announced a collection was coming your way. Around the same time I also received requests by friends and family to donate artwork to auctions both locally and nationally. I was so excited to get to work that I forgot about how many commitments I made (rookie mistake) on top of wanting to release a collection of oil paintings this fall. While the collection release had to be pushed back, I feel grateful that all the donated paintings were completed and auctioned off for wonderful causes. Below are the images of the artwork along with the organizations who benefitted. So fun! 

Last but definitely not least, I was accepted into my first art fair! I will be participating in Dickens of a Christmas this December. Offerings will include oil paintings, watercolor paintings, prints, and ornaments (’tis the season!). Look forward to seeing you all there. 

Lacy Ezell