Back to art.

Getting back to what I need. I want to explore the why behind my art. My style continues to shift, but I know I have found my way back to what I need. My newest work is closely related to the Written Collection. It is raw, quick, expressive, and most importantly, me.

A bit about where this began. I started painting again after Adaline was born. Long story short, it was a way to express how I felt about all the changes (baby, staying at home, etc) in a way that required more than just words. So I painted. Despite some shifts in style over a short period of time, art for me has remained the same. 

But still, why am I making what I am making?

Because it is what I have. Because it helps me feel alive. Because it is a deeper level of communication that, for some reason, my brain requires. Art, or creativity, is often regarded as commodity (based on Maslows Hierarchy), but there is a huge part of me that disagrees. When we look back at history, words were the last to have meaning. Prior to words, images were language. With that said, art to me is something ingrained in who we are as humans. I believe the expression uncovered through the creation of a physical object would otherwise not exist without art. I believe there is still a piece of us all that requires more than words. And at its core, art is what we all should lean on to uncover this missing piece.

Lacy Ezell