New Collection coming this October

I have been working on silver leaf paintings and I can't get enough! I use genuine silver on every painting. I prefer this over gold because of how the silver reflects every color around it. It can be either warm or cool making it an ideal addition to any room. Below is a brief description of my process. The full collection is coming this October. It currently is untitled...taking suggestions people! Be sure to check instagram for works in progress as well as videos of applying the silver leaf. 

Process of silver leaf...

First I map out my painting, deciding where exactly the silver leaf will go. Then I apply the metal leaf glue to the canvas, allowing it to dry around 15 minutes. Then comes the silver leaf sheet. I have to apply these VERY carefully. Even the slightest airflow equals #gameover. Once the silver is on the canvas, I allow it to dry for another 15 minutes after which I get to work brushing off the excess silver. I brush it for a few more minutes which polishes the silver a little and makes sure it sits flat on the canvas. Then I get to work adding the paint. (I usually paint around the silver first, not because it's necessary, but because it is just so dang pretty!)

Lacy Ezell