Babies love studio time too y’all.

Making art looks different with a little human by your side. Below are some of my go-to products and activities for my girl in the studio.

Finger Paint

Honestly, any brand will do! (I found a set on Amazon with the brightest colors.) Simply place plastic wrap over canvas or paper, pour some paint, and let your baby get creative, mess free! Adaline typically crawls all over the canvas (lol!), but stays clean and entertained!

Disco Fish

This sequin board book will keep your little one fascinated for a solid 30 minutes. It is also tells a hilariously strange story about dancing fish with shiny scales. (Warning: sequins are prone to fall off and can be a choking hazard).


Baby Einstein’s Discovery Music Table is a go-to in our house. It has all the tricks (light, sound, movement). You can also take off the legs for floor play.

Rock n’ Play

For the newborn, try the fancy schmancy Fischer Price Rock n’ Play. It has sound, movement, vibrations, projections, and toys. While it may seem over-stimulating, this either kept Adaline entertained or put her to sleep as a newborn, both great options for me to get work done!